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This is an invitation to the 1963 British Dental Association ball held at the Oxford Town Hall on Tuesday 23rd July, 1963. My grandfather Eric Fletcher was a dentist on Beaumont Street for many years and he and my grandmother Shelagh used to attend…

pass for RIDE concert.jpg
The object is a Kilimanjaro backstage pass sheet for the RIDE concert in Oxford Town Hall on the 3rd of December 2019. This concert was a homecoming concert as part of RIDE's reunion in 2019.

This pass sheet was used by the band's stage management…

roy foster tools.jpg
Hand tools used by Roy Foster (1931 - 2017) to build a three-manual pipe organ for Holy Rood Catholic Church in Oxford.

Between 2002 and 2012 Roy Foster with fellow organ-builder Derrick Carrington built a new three-manual pipe organ for Holy…

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oath cards.jpg
The court room is located above the police station; you can visit it if you go on a tour of the Town Hall. These oath cards were available for the swearing-in of witnesses at a court hearing. The witness swears to tell the truth; perjury is the crime…

ticket to 2-band dance.jpg
A ticket for a Two-Band-Dance at Oxford Town Hall. Dated to the 26th of May and featuring Kenny Baker and his quartet.
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