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Horns of Plenty with the Ambling Band, 2010
I have played the alto saxophone since joining the Horns of Plenty street band in February 2008. The band kindly gave me some free lessons with professional saxophonist / flautist Pete McPhail to get me up to speed. After a couple of years I…

OXCD front.JPG
In the 1990's I was really into indie music (still am) and Oxford had loads of talented musicians and emerging bands. Some made it big, some didn't and some of these musicians are still around playing today (under other guises). I have fond…

Filmes and livestreamed on Facebook by Zoe Broughton.

HUB newsletter 01 -- proof 6.pdf
Issue one of the South Locality Response Hub newsletter.It includes work done by the hub as well as partners and volunteers. "We hope that these fortnightly newsletters will increasingly demonstrate the work which is being done to establish strong…

This is a letter from Libby and the Community Cupboard team thanking Jubeen for her help securing Halal food for the muslim families supported through the community cupboard. 

This is a letter from Libby and the Community Cupboard team sent to Hassan and Leonard. It thanks them for their support during Ramadan supporting the more vulnerable families in Oxford.

In February 2020, WOW Space members created two collaborative art pieces, inspired by their objects and stories of food.

The art workshop was led by local artist Dionne Freeman

Jacqui talks about making peanut butter with pestle and mortar,

Jacqui talks about the cookbook of African recipes she created with other women from Oxford'shires African community in 2006.

Lubna - mefara.wav
Lubna talks about Iraqi cooking and using 'mefara', a special utensil, to hollow out vegetables for stuffing.

Lubna's mefara
Portrait of Lubna (by Fran Monks)
Lubna telling the group about Iraqi cooking
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