Missing the Hustle and Bustle

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Missing the Hustle and Bustle


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


"At first I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the cleaner air with hardly any traffic. Once I was the only person on High Street; on another occasion I seemed to have Christ Church Meadow all to myself.

In spring the city would be thronged with the first wave of foreign language students. Their numbers and noise irritated me so it was good to have some respite. As the days passed and the novelty wore off, I suddenly realised that all the assumed benefits were reminders that we were living in a dystopian nightmare; facing an existential crisis that the peace and quiet accentuated.

The normality that returns will never be the same, and nor would we expect it to be. We want to keep the cleaner air, and less congested roads. But I want the foreign language students to return, and all our other visitors, and they can be as noisy as they like."


Bob Weatherhead


Museum of Oxford


April 2020


Bob Weatherhead

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