Homemade Cricket Bat



Homemade Cricket Bat


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


"We made a cricket bat out of an old shed and some black tape. We use a step ladder as wickets

I suppose you could say we made it because we were bored and thought it would be something to do. None of us actually play cricket and we play by our rules in our garden (no running, just getting caught out or hitting wickets). We could only play so much football before it gets boring!

We can’t go to the tip at the moment so we’re trying to use old stuff to improve our garden and we decided to have a go at making a cricket bat! We tried to think of a reason we could all go out and enjoy the sun while it lasts and not be in front of a screen all day.

We decided to do this although, nobody apart from my dad knows anything about cricket."


Luke Timmins


Museum of Oxford


27th April 2020

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