Gatineau's Delicacies Make Isolation a Little Brighter



Gatineau's Delicacies Make Isolation a Little Brighter


The Covid-19 Pandemic and Oxford


Herve's Gatineau is an Oxford independent, artisanal businesses remaining open during the Coronavirus lockdown. Gatineau's home delivered pastries, bread and sweet treats are brightening isolation for many Oxford residents. The business has received an outpouring of responses from the local community thanking them for brightening their day. Examples include responses such as:

""It is a real uplift to know we can continue to enjoy your high quality bakey products."

"It is like Christmas when a delivery arrives."

"I can't tell you how much it has cheered us up to get your lovely bread & croissants while we've been stuck indoors getting over this horrible virus."

"Self-isolation has suddenly become so much more fun."


The Museum of Oxford


Gatineau Ltd.

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