LGBTQIA+ history


LGBTQIA+ history


We are collecting stories of LGBTIQA+ life in Oxford. Add a photo of an object, a recording of your memory, or a scanned document that tells something about your life, in your own voice.

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Pride Cancelled
Experience Now more than ever we need to let the world know we are still here we are still queer, be it with Instagram live streams of our unabashed dancing or wearing our best pride fits in lockdown we can still show the world who we are and just…

Oxford Pride Stripes
I love this picture because rainbow colours are used instead of the white stripes on the crossing. I believe that it was created by the organisers of the Oxford Pride because afterwards, the colours disappeared. It is located on the triangle of New…

Pride- celebration or protest?
This image provides a short history of Pride from both an international and local perspective. It traces the timeline of Pride, from its origins with the 1969 Stonewall Riots to the more modern iterations in Oxford.

Ace Ring
Lauren said:

“This is my ace ring. I wear it – it’s a black ring, goes on the middle finger of my right hand and it signifies asexuality.

I just got it from Tesco, it doesn't have a very exciting origin story. I went online and looked at the…

Henna said:

"This badge is from the annual Valentine's Day sale at the Ruskin School of Art. I bought it because I loved how immediately bold and direct it was. It's lovely to visit the sale with my friends, we sometimes have a competition to see…

Oxford Town Hall - Rainbow flag
An image of a rainbow flag attached above Oxford Town Hall.
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